Fox 40 dissapeared after freq change

Hi all, our local Fox affiliate did a frequency change a few months ago and was supposed to go from fox 40 I believe 22. I've done multiple rescans on my HD Homerun but the new channel doesn't show up. It still shows Fox40 on my guide but it's not actually there. I'm stumped any ideas? Thanks.

Did it move to a VHF freq, and your antenna is only UHF?

I believe it was supposed to be another UHF channel but my antenna does both anyway.

KTXL(40) moved from rf channel 40 to 22.
If you can pickup KSPX(39) on rf channels 21 or KQCA(58) on rf channel 23 you should be able to get KTXL(40) on rf channel 22

If not, you should head over to the silicondust support site and ask them why not.