Fox Channel 11 Disappeared Los Angeles

I also opened a ticket with Silicon Dust, but thought I'd check here too. A couple days ago we lost Fox 11. The antenna didn't move and no settings were changed. I posted a screenshot from my HDHomerun settings. When we go to the Channels in our DVR, the station just says Weak Signal. Any suggestions on the Channels side, or is this strictly a HDHomerun issue? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 12.43.34 PM

perhaps the station transmitter is down/having issues.
I have had OTA stations go down before.
Have you contacted the station?
I use this site fourms to chat with OTA users in my area.
Maybe you can find a thread for your area, and see if any others have issues.

The bobcat fire is getting really close to the LA antenna towers on Mt. Wilson... could impact many channels if they aren't able to hold it back.

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interesting thought... wouldn't that affect the other stations with towers nearby as well?

Last night I was having trouble getting univision 34 and unimas 46 here in Corona, CA "near LA" my parents had to get me to look into this and figured it was cause of the fires. We just started getting the signal again a few hours ago

The transmitter power levels had to be lowered while firefighting operations were going on close to the antennas.