FOX LA Issues. TVE

Anyone else no longer getting Fox LA but Fox from a different state?

I'm assuming by "LA" you mean Los Angeles, and not Louisiana?

Anyway, I just checked here, channel 6002 via TVE, here in Los Angeles at 10:20 AM, and it is properly playing "Good Day LA."

Strange. I get KDFX (6002) which I don't think that is it. It also doesn't play for me.

are you still getting fox KTLA or did it change?

Hi all,
I'm getting KDFX but the channel only broadcasts when Fox network programing is happening.
The channel even inserts commercials during the bottom and top of hour.

Yeah. I really wish KTLA wouldn't have been replaced.

Fox 11 = KTTV = TVE Channel 6002

KTLA 5 = KTLA = TVE 6973 (for KTLA5 News, at least)
It's a CW affiliate.

And yes, I am still getting both. Also via OTA antenna, thankfully.

Also noteworthy:
KTLA, Nexstar channels, NewsNation dropped from DirecTV in blackout

Check the big banner on their website:

YouTube TV is the only streaming service I'm aware of that includes KTLA now. I just checked and it's still there...

I guess I am glad I have a youtube script with no geo restricts and can get them all.