Fox OTA channel no longer viewable after outage

I don't think this is a Channels problem specifically but I thought I'd ask the community for ideas. Sunday morning before the Super Bowl we lost Fox40 which is usually a 100% signal at my house. Fortunately we were able to watch the game via the Foxnow app! Anyway the signal eventually came back and is 90 to 100% however the quality is so low it's pixilated and unwatchable. I just got off the phone with the station and they confirmed an outage Sunday morning but it's been back up since. Is there anything I'm missing, like a reset or something I need to do on my end? All my other OTA channels come in fine and are normal so I'm thinking there must still be something a miss at FOX but not sure. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Maybe the outage resulted in the transmitter being changed/moved/altered. You could try moving your antenna.

I had that thought as well and may go up on the roof and mess with it this weekend. I just wasn't sure if I was missing something software or settings related.

Have you done a rescan ? At the HDHomeRun web page ? on chrome or new Microsoft edge.

I did a rescan on the channels DVR when I setup my TVE stuff but not on the actual Hdhomerun. I'll try that tonight.

Must be a local transmitter tower issue in your area.
Fox OTA channels working fine where I am at.

That's what I'm thinking too. I tried a rescan last night but there wasn't any change. I may mess with my antenna this weekend but I think the issue is with the transmitter.

Have you tried connecting the antenna lead directly to your TV and using the TV's built-in tuner to watch that station? This might help you determine if the problem lies with the HDHR tuner or the transmitter.

Good idea, I'll have to make up a pretty long jumper to hook up the tv directly but that's certainly easier than going on the roof.