Fox Sports West & Prime Ticket Broken Guide

Hi Guys,

I have not been able to figure out what is going on with my two Fox Sports RSN today. The guide data has been blank.

I just noticed on my Comcast app that the Fox Sports RSNs are now labeled 'Bally Sports'. I wonder if the new naming schemes are now propagating through the system.

Oh yeah.... right. Maybe needs to be updated in Channels? Good catch. Channels are pretty much worthless until something happens. Can't record Angels/Ducks game without a proper EPG.

You are aware that those are not the primary FSWest or Prime Ticket channels, right? Your screen shot shows them as the 2nd and 4th alternate RSN ...

Fox Sports RSNs via TVE have not been the primary FSW or PT feeds for well over a year ...

I did think they looked funky.... I started ATT Watch Now service a few months ago and the TVE portion has been working wonderfully until today.

If sports are important for your household, you may want to look into your local cable provider, and using a HDHomeRun Prime. RSNs have poor/flakey availability via TVE. (You saw the first indication of this with changing Fox Sports networks.) Further examples of this are NBC Sports only working about half the time, and RSNs like MSG, Marquee and others switching to DRM.

Investing in a cable tuner and subscription from your operator may be the only way to ensure you get good sports coverage.

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