[FR] Expand JSON Data for Sports Recordings

I recently discovered that the JSON data created by Channels DVR is missing a specific data point for NBA games. For example, the file name,

NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz 2020-08-03-1800.mpg

contains the team names as a part of the file name. However, the JSON file does not provide the team names.

$ jq . Working/NBA\ Basketball\ Los\ Angeles\ Lakers\ vs\ Utah\ Jazz\ 2020-08-03-1800.json 
  "Description": "The Lakers and Jazz, two teams that won on the NBA restart's opening night, clash in Orlando, Fla.",
  "Episode": 0,
  "Genres": [
  "IsMovie": false,
  "IsSports": true,
  "MetadataGenerator": "Channels DVR",
  "OriginalBroadcastDateTime": "T00:00:00Z",
  "RecordedDateTime": "2020-08-04T01:00:00Z",
  "Season": 0,
  "SeriesPremiereDate": "2000T00:00:00Z",
  "SubTitle": "",
  "Title": "NBA Basketball"

Use case - Post processing with pretty file names. :slight_smile: Having the team names would be helpful in that regard.

Is there a standard field for these in the MCEBuddy format?

Not sure as I don't use MCEBuddy. Just leveraging jq in my own bash scripts.

Sporting Event, so most likely in EventTitle
"Title": "NBA Basketball",
"EventTitle": "Houston Rockets vs. Portland Trail Blazers",
"Summary": "Portland continues pursuit of a Western Conference playoff spot when it meets Houston.",
"Categories": ["Sports", "Sports event"],
"Genres": ["Basketball"],
"Tags": ["CC", "HD 1080i", "HDTV", "Live", "New", "Subject to blackout"],
"SeriesID": "191276",
"ProgramID": "EP030312262923",
"TeamIDs": ["409", "423"],

Since it's not in the MCE Buddy json file it would have to be pulled from the recorded file json data.
http://[ip of dvr]:8089/dvr/files/1234
where 1234 is the fileid of the recording, or
http://[ip of dvr]:8089/dvr/files
for all recorded files

Disclaimer: I don't use MCEBuddy either, I just keep the generated json file with any recordings I archive outside of Channels DVR