Frame rate issue on iPad

I’ve noticed occasionally I seem to have an issue where the frame rate drops while watching on my iPad. I have noticed it watching live or recorded programs. I have the 2018 “budget” iPad, model MR7F2LL/A. While watching a program this morning everything seemed smooth for the first ten minutes or so, then the issue started to creep in. In an effort to figure out what might be going on, I took a look at the settings. I don’t remember if I’ve changed from the default, but interlacing was set to linear 60. I suspected maybe the iPad was having trouble keeping up with that, so I switched it to blend 30. Problem solved, no more frame rate issues, very smooth. I submitted diagnostics. Is it possible this model of iPad just can’t keep up with the interlacing for 1080i content with the “linear 60” setting?

I have the same problem in my iPod touch. I just switched to 30 and it is better too. I still think it drops some frames though and i swear my Apple TV 4K does too.

I have never had issues on my 4K Apple TV, but it’s gig wired. Is yours? I have noticed something similar on my non-4K Apple TV. It is also gig wired. I suspect it also may have difficulties keeping up with 60 FPS. Sadly sports look pretty rough on the TV at 30fps.

Yeah, it's wired. After the latest Channels app updates, my iPod Touch and my Apple TV seem smooth again. Perhaps it was a playback bug that was ironed out. I'll continue to monitor...

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