Free app in Sweden?

I just subscribed to channels and have it working with webui. However I cannot download the free android app because it's not available in Sweden. Any ideas how to get the free app?

Assuming there is no immediate way for the Devs to make it available, other than side-loading an unofficial app, probably the only other way is by using a VPN:

  • Connect VPN to a location where it is available
  • Apps > Settings > (Applications) Application manager
  • Find Google Play
  • Storage
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Data
  • Force Stop the Google Play App
  • Load Google Play again, with VPN connected

It does not work :pensive:

I will add Sweden to the list.

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Thank you. Will you update when it's available?

It can take Google a few hours to process so try later today or tomorrow

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It has already propegated. It works. Thank you!