Free offer from Spectrum

I just recieved this email offer from Spectrum. They are offering a 30% discount on Fubo for 2 months.

Looks like Hulu has a deal too...

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Who else thinks its interesing that Spectrum would encourage their customers to try another brand and product instead of the one they are providing? Appears to me they are ready to exit the cable tv business

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How long is the FUBO Trial good for? The standard FUBO already gives a 7 day free trial. Is this targeted offer any longer?

The offer is a 30% discount for two months after the 7 day free trial.

One of the Biggest Cable Companies Says Cable TV Isn’t Working

Charter Communications (the owner of Spectrum's cable-TV service) told investors Friday that its fraught negotiation with Disney was a sign of a larger problem with the traditional cable-TV business model.

Christopher Winfrey, the chief executive of Charter, said on an investor call Friday that he was “disappointed” with the stalemate with Disney. He said the company had proposed an alternative model that Disney would not accept.

“We’re either moving forward with a new collaborative video model, or we’re moving on,” Mr. Winfrey said.

NYTimes link, gifted past the paywall

Hulu = Disney

So yeah, they're going to go ahead and add insult to injury.