Freenas 11.2 Help


Can I get an ELI5 explanation on how to install Channels on Freenas v11.2? Thanks!


I don't use FreeNAS (FreeBSD?), but did you install the plugin from here?

If that doesn't help, I'm sure a FreeNAS user or one of the developers will reply.

DVR Requirements

If someone gave me an ELI5 explanation on how to get started, I probably wouldn't have learned as much as I have, but it would have been quicker to get up and running. I agree a WiKi or the like would help new users and ease the support burden for FAQ's.


FreeNAS 11.2 is not officially supported as it is still in beta/RC and they changed how plugins work.

You can either use 11.1 and install the plugin from our downloads page, or try Guide: Freenas 11.1 iocage manual install


thank you. I believe the official release is in two days. Will it be supported then? In that case I would just wait.


No it won't be supported until we get a chance to test and write a new plugin for 11.2


Thanks. I’ll hold tight in that case for that.


Do you see a list of available plugins in the FreeNAS 11.2 gui?


Yep. There are 25 or so in there now.


Is OpenVPN on that list?


Doesn’t look like it.


Is there an ETA on this one? Love Channels DVR...but not having an official plugin for FreeNAS 11.2 is a blocker for several things I need to do in my environment. Would appreciate it if the devs can provide an update on the relative priority of getting this one done.



We have submitted a plug-in for 11.2 and it was accepted as an unofficial plugin, but I haven't been able to find any docs on how one is supposed to install unofficial plugins from the FreeNAS iocage repository.


Thanks for the quick response!

I've gotten it successfully installed.

As root, from the command line execute:

iocage fetch -P -n channels-dvr vnet=on dhcp=on bpf=yes devfs_ruleset=4 interfaces=vnet0:bridge0

Shows up in the plugin list in the GUI, etc.

This should be the command that anyone who wants to install Channels DVR on FreeNAS 11.2 should run, at least until it shows up in the official list.


That worked for me. Thank you!


Glad to help. I should note for others that may run into this thread -- run the command above exactly as written. You can edit the properties of the jail in the GUI after the install is complete. Channels DVR will also appear in the list of plugins, just as a standard plugin would. :slight_smile:


@tmm1 quirk I've noticed with the FreeNAS plugin on 11.2. This is purely bugs me. :slight_smile:

When the plugin installs, it defaults to the name channels-dvr. problem with that.

When you fire up Channels DVR however you end up in the rather unattractive situation of having the Bonjour service fire up and give you a name like:

2018/12/17 21:02:14 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-channels-dvr.local.

It's not a functional just bothers me, and I don't like solving this by changing the name of the hostname...that's just a workaround to the underlying (cosmetic) issue. My suggestion would be that you check the hostname and only include the "dvr-" prefix if there isn't already a reference to DVR in the hostname for Bonjour advertisements.


This did not work for me.

I got the following error:

URLError:<urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known> occurred, destroyed channels-dvr.

Any help here?


That's a weird one. Wonder what hostname it is complaining about..


What’s more weird is how it finds it and starts downloading the package (about 4 files). It appears as though it’s going through, but then concludes with my above mentioned error.


Sounds like a DNS issue maybe:

See more discussion on