Frequent locks up during Live TV

On my Nvidia Sheild, over the last 6 weeks or so, we're seeing frequent lockups with live tv (or slightly behind in the buffer). The program will just get stuck and then progress indicator will max out all the way off the right edge of the screen.

I've tried to get a picture of it, but the app crashes before I can do so.

This has happened 8-10 times to me and my wife confirms it is happening to her also other times.

This has never happened until the last 4-6 weeks or so.

I also saw this exact same scenario happen on my Mi Box (which I watch infrequently).

What version of the app? Can you submit crash diagnostics when it happens/

Version 3.5.0.

I'll try to submit next time.

3.5.1 is the latest release and fixes some bugs like the one you're seeing.

Okay thanks... upgraded and will report back if I still see the issues.

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Just experienced the problem again. Here's the scenario:

We're watching a show and we're behind the buffer by some amount of time. At some point, the program will then lockup. There's no recovery since we have to then backout to recover and we lose the buffer.

The one weird thing every time is the progress bar goes past the end time when it locks. See the picture.

I submitted multiple diagnostic reports about 7 minutes ago (11:12pm EDT).

Thank you for reporting! I get the same behavior on my shield. Also have this issue when turning on the shield and the buffer is full, requires me to hit the back button to the guide for it to clear and start playing again.

Any news on this? This happened again last night. Again, behind the buffer when watching a live tv show.

We released v3.5.2 yesterday with fixes for live TV issues

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Thank you! The most recent update seems to have fixed the issues I was having

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