Frontier FIOS Removed DRM from all of my Channels - Re-Scan


I re-scanned all my channels today and ALL DRM is gone. Not sure about Premium Channels.

And this includes the FOX Channels that were gone before.


Assume that means all the channels that had DRM added are now gone as well. That was where they left it with me yesterday. I cancelled service yesterday after they told me to get Set Top boxes on each TV I wanted to use.


Yeah. I first heard this based on a reply to my post on DSL Reports. And I just did a SCAN and DRM is now gone for ALL my Channels. Someone else said HBO is not Flagged either but I can not confirm that. But ALL my FOX is now back without DRM (I.E. News and Sports - ALL).

Maybe your complaints and others caused a change in Frontier Management. This is pretty huge.


Interesting. Surprised they would remove DRM from HBO… sounds like maybe a misconfiguration on their end. Will be curious to see if the DRM returns or they leave all the channels without DRM now.


Called them and apparently I have to wait for 3-4 days while the cancellation finishes in their system before I can restore back. Let me know if it changes. Have to make a decision on which way to go.


Sure. But the others that posted are in California like me. So not sure about Texas which I think is where you are from.

Here is the link on DSL Reports. I also reported this on SD so maybe others will report there.

Looks like not just CA…
Fort Worth, TX. … Just did a rescan and they dropped DRM from all channels in my TV plan.


Wow this is great news!!


Same thing here. Just re-ran scan on my channels, and now FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, and FX are showing as being non-DRM. FS Southwest also showed up for me… I guess they want me to start watching the Stars over my Ducks.


I also noticed someone in I think Oregon scanned recently and no DRM. So maybe they are doing it everywhere in time.


So you have to rescan in order for it to update with no drm now? Dis you do it at the hdhomerun side?

Curios as my vz fios have few channels with drm. One of them is FX and FXX.


Yes. But we are talking about Frontier FIOS. Most were from the purchase from Verizon FIOS.


Hopefully this helps someone. The Tampa Market with Frontier FIOS as of 2019 is DRM free! That includes premium channels as well. So I receive every channel I pay for. Left Spectrum do to them implementing DRM on all channels almost.


@Jason_1 You sure about that? I am in Tampa, on Frontier Fios. Everything works perfectly EXCEPT movie channels. When I try to watch Showtime, it just spins and then gives me a black screen.




Unless it takes them a couple days to DRM as I just signed up, the only channel that has DRM is ESPN buzzer Bea. I'm pretty sure they are in this constant so it shouldn't change. You may want to rescan your channels as this is something I think recently happened.


I have two hdhomerun Primes on a plex server and they both come up with HBO and Showtime, no DRM. Just tried it on my roku and still working.


Right, I can see them in the lineup as well. But I can't watch them. I just get a black screen. Can you actually watch them?


Yes I just tried it I have all HBO channels working. Did you try a channel rescan in your hdhomerun? Also what device are you trying to watch it on?


I just did... And you're right. They were showing up from a previous scan, I guess. After the rescan they were gone. I just assumed it was a DRM issue, but instead it is a me being dumb issue.


Yeah same things going to happen to me in a couple days as they only gave me HBO free for a couple days as a new customer. I'll have to rescan in a couple days and they will be gone but as of right now they're working just fine.