FS1/2/Big10 403 Forbidden

Hello, updated to pre-release 2021.12.24.2109 checking a few TVE channels and get 403 Forbidden on FS1, FS2, and Big10 channels. I'm able to stream via Watch FS1 Live | Stream Games & Shows on FS1 | FOX Sports

Give this a try, it's worked for me when I get the 403 error.
In the DVR web UI, use the Gear dropdown for your Provider and select Update Password.
Key in your existing password.
Rescan the individual channels getting 403 errors.

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Thanks. Did try rescanning but no change. Just tried password reset and rescan as you suggested but same issue. I deleted the TVE and re-added but same issue. I'll try again later to see if it clears up. Thanks.

Also check Support>Troubleshooting in the DVR web UI.
Make sure you have a green checkmark for TV Everywhere.
If it says Chrome corrupted or not up to date it should offer a green fix button to press.

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Thanks for the suggestion. All green checkmarks. Not channels I watch regularly, so I'll troubleshoot some more later in the week. Thanks.

Which provider?

Working for me here with Cox

The TVE is Cablevision. Big10 working now but FS1/2 still playback failed. Thanks.



Updated to release 2022.01.13.2139 and started having issues streaming all TVE channels. Log showing: "hls: timeout while waiting for data". Rebooted everything and still problems. I turned off my T-Mobile Home Internet connection and it rolls over to ATT Uverse. The HLS errors went away and also FS1/2/B10 all working too.

Seems some TVE Channels are blocking streaming over T-Mobile Home Internet?

New Diag:

Likely, a lot of the cellular networks do throttling and blacklisting of video servers

Edit: Did some more testing. Flipped everything back over to TMO Home Internet. All working fine. Re-enabled load balancing(round robin really), started seeing 403 errors again. After flipping connections back and forth, I think what is going on is that I'm authenticating on one connection and getting the CDN URL which won't work on the other connections. Flipping connections, I saw two different CDNs. If I did not have data caps, I would just lock Channels to one connection. If the CDNs FQDN stay the same, looks like I can just use policy based routing to send the right FQDN for each connection. I'll keep testing and give an update. Thanks.