FS1/FS2 "Not Authorized"

I have seen some other threads about this issue but they didn't seem to replicate what I am running into so I thought I would create my own.

Anyway, I just moved my Channels DVR service over to a RPI 4 and I noticed that in scanning the TVE channels I am not getting FS1 or 2. In the log is says "2020/03/21 11:57:37.962330 [TVE] Channel scan 130/201 FS1 failed: notAuthorized
2020/03/21 11:57:38.016840 [TVE] Channel scan 131/201 FS2 failed: notAuthorized".

However, using the login directly on the Fox Sports page it works fine. I am also able to view them in the Youtube TV app. Oh yeah, I am using the Youtube TV service.

I have re-scanned at least 6 times over the past 3 days.

Let me know if you need anything else, full log or whatever.

Email logs and settings.db to [email protected]

Thanks. I just sent them. I wasn't sure which logs you wanted. I only the channels-dvr one, not the hls. Let me know if you need any of the others.

Can you try clicking the Edit button and then rescan FS1 only?

Awesome! That fixed that.

However, on FS1, there is some guide data missing. Which, I know with the cancellation of most, if not all outdoor sports, there may be programming that isn't set up yet. However, for one particular slot on Sunday at 1:30 pm it is blank in the guide but does show up with what will be coming on in the Youtube TV App.

EDIT: Ok, maybe it's not "missing" but looks blank because of what is showing should be airing starting at 11:00 am, which is horse racing. However, I know that at 1:30 pm a new thing is airing called "eRacing". It's replacing the real life Nascar race with a racing simulator "game" being played by the top Nascar drivers. It shows correctly in both the Youtube TV App and the Fox Sports website.

Try reloading the guide?

I did that twice.

Can you check zap2it.com to see if it shows there?

Yes, it shows correctly there.

Try Delete and Recreate Guide Database.

It's on my guide (although shows as 10:30 am)

Thanks. I can try that.

What time zone are you in though? I am in Eastern. The promo for the event says it starts at 1:30 EST and on the Youtube TV App it shows at 1:30 pm EST.


That is why yours is earlier then.

Anyway, thanks for the tip - it worked perfectly. It now shows up for me at 1:30 pm.

I too noticed tonight that when “rescan all” didn’t fix my missing FS1 & 2, scanning them individually did. Not sure if Channels does something different, or if there is some kind of issue with the authentication when you try many channels at once?

Some things tend to timeout/fail to authenticate if you attempt to log in to several different sites in a short period of time; this is definitely the case for Spectrum credentials.

If you've already added your TVE credentials, the best bet is to manually rescan the individual channel giving issues, rather than using the Rescan All option, or the even more drastic deletion/re-adding of credentials.

Right, I’m aware of the Spectrum limitation. I’ve run into that one myself. I should have mentioned this case was using YTTV.

Where Spectrum gives a clear “too many streams” error, in this case the channel just came back “not authorized”. Weird. I ended up manually rescanning each channel that said “not authorized” with no further descriptions, and several of them including Fox Sports started working. ¯_(ツ)_/¯