FTP access

Is it possible to start up a FTP server on the PI image? Having trouble with SMB access speeds and would like to try something else.

If you can't figure out SMB, maybe try SFTP/scp.

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Not having trouble using SMB, just runs so slowly when copying from my MAC. And I want to try FTP, that is why I asked how to start the server since I cannot find it on the PI image. Been trying scp also but it is not any faster. I think this PI is just getting bogged down doing things, but status always shows lots of free memory and low load averages.

What are you using for you disk on the Pi?

I use a Samsung T7 usb3.0 ssd and i transfer over SMB on my Win 11 devices around 98MB's to 108MB's.

If yours is much slower, and not a slow disk, like an hdd, then something with your network, or its cause Mac.

I imagine it is something on the MAC slowing it down. Lots of complaints about SMB and OSX. That is why I was looking for a way to use FTP.

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