Full DVR Support Now Available in Channels for iOS



It’s finally here! We weren’t sure we’d make it, but after a ton of work, and an incredible amount of help from our iOS Beta team, Channels for iOS now has full support for Channels DVR. And it’s pretty fun.

The iOS app has support for everything that the tvOS app does on Apple TV.

  • Search for shows/events
  • Schedule a one off recording
  • Create a Series/Team Pass to record All or just New airings
  • Manage your passes
  • See the schedule of all your recordings
  • Browse your recordings
  • Manage/delete your recordings

It’s all there. Now you can start a show on your Apple TV, and pick it up on your iPad or iPhone right where you left off.

Can’t sleep? Grab your phone and binge a couple of episodes of The Flash. Need to do some dishes? Prop up your iPad and watch an episode of Black-ish. And if you don’t finish, no problem. You can just resume on your Apple TV right where you left off after you get back in your TV room.

Channels DVR is truly a whole home DVR. Record in once place, watch anywhere in your home. And do it on, what we think is at least, some really great reliable software :smile:

We’re really excited to finally have the full platform unified. Thanks to all of you for being fans and making us want to get here.

Here’s some shots of it in action!



I’m only using it right now to watch Midnight, Texas. It’s pretty amazing.


This is great. Already using for watching On Now and Recordings and definitely will be using for setting up passes for new shows in the fall.

However, will still be using Advanced pass set up on the Web UI for any “specific/odd” recording requirements.


I’ve been trying to utilize iOS app instead of Web UI for scheduling recordings and managing TV shows/tuner.

Just thought I’d mention that on iOS the scheduled running time is expressed in minutes (64min) while Web UI is hours/minutes (1hour 4min). I haven’t checked tvOS.

Personally, I find that I prefer the hours/minutes display on the Web UI.

Which ever, it just seems like it should be consistent on the 3 platforms.