Game Show Network

I subscribe to Dish and found out today that I can log into the Game Show Network website, and I'm able to watch this channel live. Are you able to include this to the Channels community? Thanks for checking.

Where on the website do they offer a live stream? (I've looked in the past, and had never found one for web streaming.)


My apologies, I had downloaded the app to my phone and signed on with my credentials to watch live tv. I didn't even check a web link before I posted. I'm assuming that going through an app works different than a web link.

Correct. Has to be available on a website, as Channels uses a headless chrome browser to access the feed.

It looks like you can live stream from their web site now and not just via the app. Check out and click the “live tv” link. Just authenticated with Xfinity.

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@tmm1 I was also able to stream live using Philo credentials, any chance this could be added? I did have to select "play" after logging in, so not sure if that creates an issue for Channels integration.

Just confirmed that it works with DirecTV credentials too.

Yep working here as well. One the networks I was hoping would be added to TVE.

Spectrum Credentials work too. Hopefully the Dev's can configure something with this link.

At first glance it does not look like it is compatible due to DRM


It figures. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

Bummer - this was the one channel my parents really wanted when we were looking at setting them up with Channels

Well, that stinks!! Right now I'm trying to get my mom to use Buzz. BTW, Coopers Rock!!

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Could you explain the GSN compatibility DRM in more detail?

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would love to get this channel. I keep my Philo service just so I can record Game Show Network.

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