Gen 4 ATV choppy / losing frames

Hi folks.

I’ve been using channels for about 18 months. I have two Gen 4 ATVs and two 4K. Channels DVR running on a Synology NAS. I use a HDHomerun with Spectrum cable card. All devices hard wired with Ethernet.

Nothing with my setup has changed in months. All has been fine and I’ve been pleased with Channels performance.

But the last 2-3 weeks something has changed. My 4th Gen units seem to be very choppy. They lose frames on both live TV, after pausing, and also when watching shows recorded to DVR.

I haven’t noticed the issue as much with the 4K units.

Any idea what’s going on. Btw the Gen 4 ATVs are running TvOS 15.1.1

The TvOS beta or the Channels app for ATV beta?

Either one will fix it