General Feedback: You guys rock!

First - the app is rock solid stable, even when running on an old laptop with Ubuntu installed with a 7TB disk hanging off of it.

Next, the interface is very intuitive.

I usually get a response within an hour or less of posting a question. I'd like to see any cable company try to match that.

The automatic commercial skip is magic! Very rarely does it fail, and when it does, I just takes a click or two in order to get where I want.

Remote viewing on devices built in? Wow

The cost of the software is minimal for the power you provide with it. And you guys don't nickel and dime for every little feature. (Don't get any ideas!)

The guide and app on iOS are far more responsive than TIVO, Cox cable, and DirecTV. Over the years I've had them all - now I just use channels with an OTA antenna. There's so many stations in Phoneix that I could probably receive them on a paper clip antenna.

My only issue is hardly related to the app. I have to leave my macbook pro open so it doesn't go to sleep as it is my DVR server. It's not a huge issue, but Phoenix is dusty and it's really going to screw up my keyboard over time. (Not that it isn't already screwed up, I just don't want it to get worse.

That's a hard one. Maybe offer cloud based storage as an option (I would pay more if I needed this)?

I would like better search options on apple TV. I'd like to record "The Good Doctor" in fall, but since it is not in the published guide yet I don't think I can set this up. Maybe have a section for 'new shows', 'new seasons'? A web page reviewing all the upcoming shows with an option to record them on the web page? I know, I am stretching now...

A real stretch would be Alexa integration. "Alexa, Tell channels to set up a series pass for the good doctor", or "Alexa, record the cardinals football game this weekend"

Not that you guys need my suggestions - you're doing great on your own! Thanks again for creating a great app.

For the rest of the community, I am not, nor have I ever been affiliated with Channels. I work for a large engineering software provider, and have been working with computers since the Commodore Vic 20 in 1981 I bought after delivering many many newspapers. I have done some beta testing, and a tiny bit of BASIC, ForTran, Pascal, and Python coding. I currently hold a ham radio license.


As far as The Good Doctor, if you mean this one you can use Search from the DVR web UI to setup a Series Pass for it.

Have you looked at the DVR web UI Search or On Later tabs?

Also in Advanced Passes you can setup paused passes for Series or Season Premieres.

i have a MacBook Pro I use as an iTunes server with an app called NoSleep. In my case, it is headless so the lid is never open. Works great. Give it a try.

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The web UI is far more comprehensive than what is available on the Apple TV OS. I don't think i can get my wife to use a web browser instead of the TV remote.

My version doesn't seem to have the good doctor like yours does. Maybe I just need to give it another day to load more guide data.

I will definitely look for the NoSleep app and try closing the lid! So far I tried caffinate and some shell commands, but no luck.

In order to get the latest (pre-release) version of the ChannelsDVR you need to SHIFT-click on Check for Update in the web UI Settings tab under your version

I don't know what's available on an Apple TV (tvOS) as I don't have one.
I do most of my work from the DVR web UI and only use the iOS client or a web browser.
I don't even know where there's a demo of what it looks like on tvOS,

Setup on Advanced Pass on the web ui:


Or a broader search (or when you don’t know series ID)

Be sure to not too make too broad or limited:

Title contains just Good (or Doctor), because you’ll make a lot of matches not just that series
But notice I left off “The” because series could be titled “Good Doctor” and then there will be no match when the series starts in the fall.