General feedback

I’ve been using the beta for a few days and I’m ready to provide some feedback. Some of these have been mentioned on other threads, but I’ll repeat here where it makes sense to.

  1. Captioning. As you know, it’s not working, and I appreciate you working on it. Just wanted to mention that as a mostly deaf user, the real value of the app won’t be unlocked for me until captioning exists. To that end, will the captioning obey the system captioning size settings? If not, will these controls be provided?

  2. The language caption buttons are hard to touch because of size, but more fundamentally I wonder if having a single languages button, with a popup for both audio and captioning - similar to the way it’s laid out on the Apple TV - would work better.

  3. I don’t find changing channels from the bottom panel in the live view to be particularly discoverable, because initially only the current program is displayed there with nothing to indicate that others are available. I’m not sure what the alternative would be here other than perhaps having arrows at top/bottom to indicate the availability of other channels. I also don’t find seeing one show at a time as I scroll through to work well for me, since I can’t see the “big” picture. Again, the Apple TV approach works beautifully, so perhaps moving in that direction might be a solution.

  4. When a channel has a low signal strength, the error message says that the tuner is not available (and the same on Apple TV). Could this message be more specific? I know what to do with this but I can imagine others in my household finding this confusing.

  5. The grid is great but the program title text on it is a bit too low contrast for my eyes.

  6. This is getting picky, but the “Watch Now” button on the program summary screen seems to look too short. By that I mean it works fine, but the button feels like it’s going to be harder to hit than it actually is, just because it’s not quite tall enough.

Overall, I’m very happy with what I see, and once the captioning is working I think I’m going to make very good use of this - possibly more so than the Apple TV app itself.

This is great. Thanks!

The newest beta resolves some of these things:

  • CC and Audio Language buttons are easier to tap now
  • Scrollbars are flashed when the Favs Guide shows to hint at scrolling
  • Height of Watch button was bumped a bit :wink: