Generate M3U by Favorites ...and Guide?

is there something that I can add to the below to just generate M3U of the favorites also get guide data for only the favorites ?

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Thanks I searched all over did not see it.

Dose the filter parameter work for the guide data as well?

I tried this did not work .....

Give it a try and see.

You can't submit multiple parameters with ?. Try it as …?duration=…&filter=favorites.

For more info, see Query string.

I do not think the guide data knows from favorites. I tried everyway I can think of.
Thanks for your assistance.

The guide data can contain info for channels not in your playlist. The only benefit to filtering the guide data is to reduce file size.

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That is what I wanted to do decrease the size.

You can post-process with tv_split to break out each channel into its own XMLTV file; then use tv_merge to combine only the channels you care about into a single XMLTV file: XMLTV filters and tools