Genre/Category Search for Recommended/New Shows


Is it possible to do a Genre/Category search for shows, maybe even outside of the New and Recommended Shows tabs.


+1 for that.
Don't know how to do that currently.

You could setup an advanced pass and pause it so it doesn't record everything which is what I do now. I then check it every weekend to see what it found, kinda like a TiVo WishList that doesn't auto-record.

Problem is the advanced pass will only give you the next 500 shows.

I want one that shows what's coming up on a specific channel for the next two weeks.

Problem is it shows everything (up to 500 entries) in the guide for that specific channel and I just want the names of the shows/movies, so I can select the ones I'm interested in to get more info, don't want to see every repeat of a show/movie. Wishing for a replacement of the good old TiVo LiveGuide... (that RiVo killed with TE4 and zap2it also killed on their website).


Thanks, I'll look into using the Advance Pass.

I'm right there with you on that one, that would be great for channel specific as well.