Geo - Restriction

any way to get around geo restrictions?

What geo restrictions?

meaning being able to watch a new york local if I am in cali

If your antenna and DVR is in new york, you can watch it from anywhere.

but what I mean is I am in NY but want to watch LA channels.

Short answer is no. However, there is one LA channel included automatically with TVE (KTLA).

That channel is the news feed from their website, not the actual content feed of KTLA (which is a CW affiliate).

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No, Channels will not help you circumvent the geo-restrictions put in place or mandated by copyright holders or those trying to legally rebroadcast local content.

really? copyright? which copyright? if you are in new york and want to watch LA you don't violate any copyright.

if I have time I could try to figure out something for dubx99

Locast is a non-profit that is rebroadcasting local OTA broadcasts over the internet to the same markets that are served by those OTA feeds. Federal laws restrict how OTA feeds may be rebroadcast, and so the geo-restrictions are necessary to keep Locast on the right side of the law.

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