Glitch on AppleTV 16 using Search

Have you tried the release version? I’ve been using that - only generally use betas if there’s a feature I’m interested in. Just installed the beta, and it seems to be broken there just as you report. It looks like the betas worked around the original issue for 16.0 in a way that breaks on 16.1, and 16.1 fixes the underlying issue on the OS end.

Try this:

This fixes the issue on 16.1 compared to the previous beta on my 2nd gen Apple TV 4K

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Bumping this thread after experiencing this problem with my brand-new Apple TV 4K. After entering my first search term, I cannot for the life of me get the cursor back up into the text box to enter a new search term. As far as I know everything (tvOS, Channels client) are the latest and greatest. I am not using any betas.

We’re still considering this a tvOS bug as the YouTube app has the same focusing issues and I’ve seen it in other apps.

We’re sorry and agree, it’s very frustrating.

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Hmm, thankfully I have not experienced this bug, despite very many search attempts in many apps. Although I use "Grid" for Keyboard Layout, in AppleTV Settings → General.
("Automatic" just uses the "Linear" layout, which I personally cannot abide.)
Hopefully Apple can fix this issue once and for all!

Just an FYI, with today's tvOS 16.4 release it looks like this bug has been fixed.


SWEET! I'll check it out. Thanks for reporting!

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