Going to buy a new apple tv, but which one?

Will I notice a significant improvement in my Channels DVR experience by replacing my Firestick Lite 2021 with any Apple TV HD? I am wired for gigabit, so that alone is probably enough reason I think, but then which apple tv model do you recommend for me? I am currently using Raspberry Pi 4 and I'm looking to replace the firestick that i have connected with a USB adapter with a 100mbps ethernet port that I have at my primary setup which is connected to a 1080p Epson Projector.
Do you think the new Apple Tv HD is good enough as I don't have a 4K tv to consider? I only plan to use this for Channels at this time, I'd like to know if a previous generation Apple TV would be sufficient for my needs and would they possibly be cheaper to come by now that the new 2021 ATV's are out?
What do you all recommend for me?

You shouldn’t invest any money in the Apple TV HD at all. It’s slow across the board snd Apple should be ashamed of still selling it.

Definitely just get the new Apple TV 4K.

If you're looking for a deal, a used gen1 4K would be a better buy as it has a much faster A10 and gigabit Ethernet.

Apple TV HD = A8 + 100mbps
Apple TV 4K (2017) = A10 + gigabit
Apple TV 4K (2021) = A12 + gigabit

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Ok, thanks for the recommendation. Any particular difference in performance over the last generation 4K version? Since perhaps it'd be a good time to pick up the previous ones if they drop in price since the new ones just came out? Especially if I want to pick up a number of apple tvs for the tvs in my house?

Just beat me to it. Thanks for the advice. I'm looking around now for something that'll work for me!

That link is for the non-4K version, which is just a minor upgrade; it still uses the same 100Mbps Ethernet, and the same A8 processor from 4 years ago. The only real "new" thing is the updated remote.

Also, that price of $144.98 is not a big bargain compared to Apple's list price of $149 for the same model.

You are correct my bad. I deleted the post thanks