Good to see and hear you Jon!

I really enjoyed watching @maddox on the Home Gadget Geeks show. Your enthusiasm and devotion to simplicity and quality reminds me of the way Steve Jobs used to think/talk!


Thanks! Found it:

Edit: skip ahead to 6:30 minutes and avoid yet another discussion of this week's crazy weather, lol.

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Truly eyeopening.


I promise you won't pay us for longer than we exist
Love it :grin:

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Thanks for sharing.
Good Interview Jon.

Now the Feature Request...
Can we get podcast/netcast imports?
Like a TV Series where the name of the show is the podcat/netcast and the episodes are numbered as in the podcast/netcasts.


Summary: A tech podcast community for anyone interested in learning more. We are also a super friendly community! We cover all your favorite tech that find their way into your home. News, reviews, product updates and conversation, all for the Average Guy!

Series: Home Gadget Geeks

Epsiode: 480

Maybe as a streamlink as I know most podcasts need viewership stats.

Great Interview ... great to get to know a developer other than a forum name.


Watched the whole thing, loved it. Great to “meet” one of the masterminds behind Channels!

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