Google TV 4K Refresh Rate Match

I recently installed channels for hdhomerun on my Google TV and noticed the setting to match content is missing in advanced section, I had the setting previously enabled on the shield 2019.

Is this expected or am I missing something.

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I know that, annoyingly, in our 2021 Sony Google TV's there is no option to match the frame rate so I imagine you are suffering the same.

Especially annoying for me here in the UK as that means all 50Hz broadcast content stutters along at 60Hz.

It's supposed to be implemented in Android 12, if your TV ever gets that update?

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Still basically unusable for me on Sony Google TV, Plex can play UK Live TV and recordings, so unsure what is happening here.

Coming up to renewal for me, so although I mostly use Nvidia Shield TV (2017 and 2019) I still want to watch TV in our bedroom occasionlly and this could be a deal breaker for me as it's just not got any better.

£60+ GBP is a lot of money for something that is not working properly when I already have a Plex Pass lifetime that, while far from perfect, does pretty much the same job.