Google TV - Slows after 30 mins and Weak Signal


I have just set up (and purchased) Channels on the new Google TV. I also have an Apple TV so i ran a side by side test (i wanted to move to Google TV as my main system but Channels has issues which are not there on iOS).

On the Google TV - i often get ‘weak signal’ come up on HD channels (my signal is marginal) but on IOS the same channels just work, they also work on the HomeRun app.

Playback seems to stutter after about 40 mins of watching a channel, it will buffer every few seconds and you need to exit the app to get the channel playing again. Again, no issues on IOS.

My guide lost all its info yesterday, i had to go to ‘clear cache’ to get the channel logos etc back.

I really wanted to switch to Google TV (esp after buying the channels app for a second time) but with the issues at the moment it does not seem usable (I got some flack for missing a key point of a show and having to exit the app, losing the ability to rewind)...

I am running it with default install, so hardware encoding - any thoughts would be great...


Did you ever find a fix for this?