Green and Purple Flickering ONLY on Cable Channels

Hi, overnight my HDHR (3 channel) tuner/cablecard stopped receiving channels. I learned of this when I tried to plav a recording of a cable channel (not a TVE channel) in the morning and got green/purple flickering mess on screen. I called cable TV company (Cablevision/Optimum) and they resolved the cablecard issue. Verified cable channels come in on all devices except the Tivo Stream 4K that I attempted to watch the recording on that first alerted me to a cable channel problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Channels app, no luck, reset Tivo Stream 4K to factory default and installed channels DVR app and I still can't watch live cable channels nor can I watch recordings that were recorded from a Cable channel. I CAN watch TVE channels and older recordings of TVE channels. On all other devices (3 other Tivo Stream 4Ks, my android phone, and the Channels web app) I can watch all all channels. Any ideas why I can't watch live cable TV channels or recordings of cable TV channels anymore on this one Tivo Stream 4K? I have it set to hardware decoding.

They broke the hardware MPEG2 decoding with the TS4K's latest update. In the Channels app on the TS4K, change the decoder to Software in the player settings.

"They" being Tivo, not Channels.

Changing to Software decoding fixed the problem. Will using software decoding result in a degraded viewing experience? Also, I guess Tivo pushed the update overnight because when I did the factory reset I got slightly different prompts. Is it possible the Tivo Stream 4K not being able to decode messed up the HDHR tuner? I can't see how that's possible, just asking...

Has nothing to do with the tuner TIVO messed up hardware decoding.