Green Pixelation on AVC HD (H264) channels

I am getting heavy Green Pixelation on AVC HD (H264) encoded channels and recordings on new Pixel 3a phone. I also have a Pixel 2 and the channels and recordings play perfect. Content plays fine if I force Home Streaming to transcode on the Pixel 3a.

Channels DVR is on the latest Windows 10 beta.
Verizon Fios using cablecard Prime
I tried the beta on the Pixel 3a and still got the green pixelation. I know there is a option on Android TV to use Software vs. Hardware decoding, but I'm not seeing that option for phones.

Please submit diagnostics from the app.

Just submitted Video Player diagnostics. Thank you!

I also just submitted diagnostics from the working Pixel 2. Maybe it will help.

Does the official HDHR app work?

I'm not sure what's going on with the official HDHR phone app, but it keeps crashing on open on both phones. I haven't used the HDHR app in a long time. Might be a UPnP/firewall setting or something.

The HDHR app works perfect on Windows 10 and all my Shields. Viewing of DRM channels works as well.

Just to add, recorded AVC HD (264) content also has the same green pixelation when direct playing from Plex on the Pixel 3a. Plays perfect on the Pixel 2 from Plex.

Seems like a bug in the Android driver for the h264 decoder hardware. Does it happen constantly or only at the beginning of the video?

I've added a software option in the latest beta (via

Your awesome! Software decoder works for live and recorded content on the Pixel 3a now. Hardware and Hybrid did not.

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