Grid Guide record not turning gold or indicating show is set to record

I'm using the Android beta but noticed that when scrolling deep ahead into the guide (12/25) and selecting a show to record, the guide does not change to make it evident it is recording. It does not turn the block "gold" nor does it seem to change any text or button option in the program entry to indicate it's now set to record.

Only going into the schedule and verifying it that way could I confirm that the show was set to record. This happened for multiple shows.

+1 I'm also seeing this behavior. Most of the time, I need to back out of the app (Nvidia Shield) then go back in for it to show up in the schedule and most of the time, the color doesn't change in the grid showing it's scheduled

I think this is because the command is sent to the server to schedule/queue the recording, but the client is still displaying the cached guide data, which does not include the newly queued program. In order for the new state to be shown on the guide, the server would need to sent a refresh command or similar to the client.

If you back out of the guide and switch pages (like to On Now), and then go back to the guide, is the same behavior observed?

Queue state is not part of the guide data, and state changes are transmitted to clients in real time.

Is this happening on all sources, or only some? OTA vs TVE vs XMLTV?

Presumably it works on a show from today? Is it just affecting future guide views somehow?

I just tried to replicate and could not so this must be a sporadic issue.

Just tried both TVE and OTA and no issue, it's changing as expected.