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I found a similar request from October of '19 but I thought it was unrealistic to have it mapped to a remote button. How about having the "return" button (left arrow on a Shield remote) have it hit a "return to top" selection before it hits the slide-out list of menu items?

Or even have the left D-pad actually have "return to top" as the top item in the list instead of favorites?

Why you ask? With Pluto channels added, it takes some going to go from the bottom of the grid to the top, where my OTA channels are.

Or just clicking guide even when the guides already up


I would like to see the guide work in a circular fashion where when clicking up past the highest channel would bring you back to the bottom, and clicking down on the lowest channel would start showing the highest channels. Remotes that have numbers can also access numbered channel directly, but a circular guide would be faster going to the top or bottom of the guide if you don't have one of these remotes.


Not possible on a Shield using the standard remote. No cursor, just the D-pad on the remote to navigate around.

Ooh, the best idea yet... pretty much covers every device and control type. +1

I'm using both of those. Be in the guide somewhere and click left to get to the sidebar, one click for me since I turned off the drop-down menu so it may be 2 clicks for you, and the sidebar will come up, guide already being highlighted, click it with the middle button.

Or channel up/down to skip pages, or other multiples, at a time.

That's the issue... with so many different devices and remotes, you run into a remote like the Shield that has no channel up/down and uses the D-pad to navigate.

I definitely feel you on the shield remotes limitation. I went so far as to remap dpad up / down longpress to be the pg up / pg down and it worked but created more issues. I've thought about getting the onn Walmart 4k dongle's remote, I read it would work I think.

The latest tvOS beta has improved this a bit. Now, you can tap the menu/back button to return to the top.

If your focus is in the first column, ie currently playing things, the back button will take you to the top of the guide listings.

If your focus is into the future, the back button will take you to “now” on the current channel/row. A second press of the back button will then take you to the top.

This improved interaction will eventually be added to the android version.


That latest update has a small glitch. When you fast scroll down or up and stop then the channel number block is highlighted instead of the first program block. If you just normal scroll up and down then everything works fine.

Also every station I've tried says "It looks doesn't look like this channel has anything available" (SIC).

You need server prerelease. Thanks for the heads up on the typo.

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I seem to still be having the issue with fast scroll landing on the channel cell instead of the programming cell.

Server 2021.09.03.0040
App 9.2.1834

Yes, that is a bug.

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Is this on the schedule to be fixed?


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The latest Android TV and Fire TV versions (getting released today) both have this interaction added to them as well. You can click the back button to get back to the front of the guide.


Awesome, thanks for all the work!

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This was fixed on TestFlight

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