Grid Guide while watching Live TV


Are there any plans to incorporate Live Tv with the grid guide so that it continues playing while using the grid guide. I have seen this by using a viewing window or by displaying half the grid guide on the bottom and making the guide semi-transparent so you can still see the show in the background. I just hate that it kills the episode I am watching while I am looking to see what I may want to watch later. I am using a Fire TV 4K Stick.


The Quick Guide (pull down from top on ATV) works like you describe. However, it only shows your favorites. Since I have my top 10 channels in favorites this works well for me.


Pretty sure you can change in the settings what channels the quick guide shows. You can choose "All Channels" Instead of favorite.


Yes I am aware of the feature, but it still does not provide a grid interface to see what is coming on. It only shows you what is on other channels currently.


I use my iphone to find the show to watch, then send it to ATV. Is that capability the same with FTV?


It is. But not losing the buffer when using the grid guide would be much appreciated. And browsing the grid on a small screen is not very good UX. For a complete TV experience, everything should be wholly contained within the TV UI; advanced features (such as editing commercial breaks) are fine being relegated to the server's web UI.