Group Recordings by Show

Is there a way to Group Recordings by Show?


Sorry I didn't explain it very well. On the Navigation Menu when you Select "Recordings" it list all the recordings individually. I was wondering if it could group the recordings by show and after you select the show it lists all the recordings for that particular show.

Is this in a client app? The DVR web UI?

Sorry, on my Apple TV Channels DVR app

Recordings are all grouped by show already. You're browsing recordings in a view designed to list them in the order they were recorded.

Use the Library section and you can see everything grouped by show as well as presented in a manner to help you find things faster.

In addition, you can turn on a more enhanced library experience that you can learn about here:

Thanks for the reply, yes the Library selection is better. I'm new to Channels DVR and had been using the Android app initially and just started using it on my Apple TV. It seems the "Recent" selection on the Android app is is the same as the Library" selection on the Apple TV app. It's not a big deal, but one thing I liked on the Android app is when you select a show in "Recent" it shows all the additionally recorded episodes at the bottom. On the Apple TV app you have to go an extra step and select "explore show" to see the additionally recorded episodes. Like I said I'm new to Channels DVR and my first impressions are you guys have a great service and support!

Yep. Things changed a lot in 4.0 on the Apple TV a few weeks ago.

That's if you select an episode from Up Next. Those are episodes. Choose a show in the next section below, Recently Recorded, and you'll see what you expect.

Ahh, very there a way to move the "Recently Recorded" section to the top of the Library?

Sections can’t be ordered.

While somewhat on the topic, will episodes ever look more linear and show the actual season and episode number. Coming from tivo, it just seems much nicer vertically organized and explained than the big icons and lots of scrolling with very little info until one selects an episode. Giving me just the episode number doesn't really help too much, especially when syndicated shows bounce around so much.

Would like to see more episodes on screen than the show's avatar or icon taking up about a thrid of it. Maybe have a view toggle that can go from a more compact view to your current one.