Guide and Collections Questions

Devs...Have a couple questions re:

  1. Guide Stack Duplicates - I have duplicate content from about 4 sources, so I enabled **General > Stack Duplicates, but when looking at the full guide from all sources, I don't see duplicates together in any manner. I was expecting to see 2-3 entries for something like Newsy, or Buzzr or Game Show in the guide together by either channel numbers or guide data but I don't.

  2. Guide channel order - In Settings, I have the source priority set as Spectrum, Stirr, Pluto, Plex, but the guide displays as Spectrum, Plex, Stirr, Pluto. Could it be because some channel numbers are four digits and others are five ??.

  3. Collection crash - I have created a Library collection of shows generated by a smart rule, and when selected in TVOS, IOS, the Channels app crashes (closes) - doesn't seem to happen on my Android tv. Is there a limit to number of shows that can exist in a collection ??.

Thanks as alwasy or your help and such a cool product.

Channels with XMLTV guide data are not combined, because they usually don't have the same guide data or identifiers. That feature is mostly for multiple HDHRs receiving the same channels.

The source priority only affects tuning order. Again this feature was traditionally used to specify which hdhomerun was used first, when duplicated were stacked.

Crashes are not normal. Please try the beta app via testflight (

Understood...Thank you for the clarity. I launched beta app v7.27.1755 on AppleTV and iPad...same crash.

Please submit diagnostics in your Channels DVR Server web admin. Use the Support > Troubleshooting section.

What's the name of the collection that was causing the crash?

Submitted - b8b554ca-3d8d-43f2-8350-d5dad68a072f ......Collection name Cat Lab.

Thank you....

Please try latest beta

Thank you - server and client or just client ???

Client via TestFlight crash!!...Thank you