Guide Bug

I’ve seen this on two different devices. If using channel up or down sometimes the highlight will be lost. You have to exit the guide then go back in for it to start working again.

I’ve seen this too when I use the TiVo Stream 4K remote’s channels up/down buttons on the remote to page through the guide. I’m using the detect channels remote setting too. I can use the arrow buttons without issue.

This has been like this for quite awhile now. It has been brought up a few times in different threads by others. I've not seen any solutions being discussed though.

How can we tag a developer in this thread?

I've brought this up as well and got no response. It is quite frustrating when it loses focuses like that. I've found that moving "left" and back "right" or simply hitting the guide button again pulls focus back, but it's quite maddening.

Agree, I've also seen the bug with deleting content. You need to back out and return to the library to see it refresh the deleted content.


Yep this gets annoying after a while

@maddox @tmm1 Any chance you could give us an update on the Android TV UI issues? Specifically the guide losing focus and deleting content bug? For context, this persists across all of my Android TV clients (Tivo 4K, nVidia Shield and Chromecast / Google TV).

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

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