Guide Categories - Apple TV

In the guide to the left I can see categories like "Drama" "Sport" "Movies" etc
But when I hover over these areas no channels show up.

How would I go about getting channels into these categories?

Your XMLTV would need to have those marked for the guide data

Thanks man,
Is this something I can change via a service M3u4u like change the channel group names?

How exactly would they need to be tagged for it to be picked up?

It's not based on the channels, its based on the guide data. So Movies will show you currently playing movies. But it requires guide data which has movies marked.

It works as expected when you use a HDHomeRun with antenna or cablecard.

Okay interesting..

Is there a way I can add / enable multiple Guide sources at once?
Either multiple URL sources, or multiple built in sources from Channels?

You could add another Custom Channel

With the same M3U source? Wouldn't it create duplicates on the guide?

Yes you would need to hide channels on the other source to prevent duplicaes

Okay I have the guide source I want to use:

If you search this list for "SKY WITNESS" its clearly visible, yet when I import into ChannelsDVR it doesn't show in the Map channels list..

Any reason why ChannelsDVR doesn't show the full XMLTV guide data/ all channels from the data source?

I downloaded it and when I search the file for "SKY WITNESS" there's nothing.

Apologies - what about this master version:

Its inside this one^
Does it show Sky Witness in ChannelsDVR for you?

It has multiple names, so maybe it shows "SKY Living"

        <display-name>UK &#45; SKY Living</display-name>
        <display-name>107 UK &#45; SKY Living</display-name>
        <display-name>Sky Witness HD</display-name>