Guide Channel Label/Icon/Logo Behavior Question

First off, this is truly amazing, this is something I have been looking for so long! Thank You.

Is there a way the change the behavior when selecting the station/channel label/icon/logo in the guide so it just goes to the channel? As it is now, it pulls up a secondary menu "up next=upcoming shows, ect" which is fine and dandy, I totally understand, but I would like my parents to able to use this however, it is very difficult to explain you need to tap on the part of the grid of what's currently live rather the channel logo on the left box itself...... Or just not have the guide go to that area at all? I am really trying to make this work for my 80+ year old parents that are paying a ridiculous amount for cable and having the cable's just this one wierd thing I can't seem to find the option to change. Much thanks in advance! We are using the google tv / android tv version of the app, current version via a mac mini as the dvr server. I am fine with altering some code on a server file if need be to make it happen. Thanks in advance!

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You're talking about the On Later feature, which shows up when you focus and click a channel on the guide view.

I'm not sure if there's a way to disable that.

I'll second that request. It does seem slightly counterintuitive that clicking on a channel name in the guide doesn't simply take you to that channel. I've done it a few times myself and been surprised to get another menu pop up. Feels like it should either be a user option, or short press should take you directly to the channel and long press gives the On Later feature?