Guide Channel logos slow to load, always reloading

I just noticed, when scrolling through the Guide on Android TV on my mothers, Nvidia Shield Tube model, the Channel Logos in the guide, are very slow to load. They are blank for 3-4 secs, then load in as you scroll down the guide. Same thing with the Quick Guide top bar, it takes a few secs to load the program images.

Every time i close out of the app, and re-open, it has to re-load all the logos and program images.

Is this info stored on the client once it is loaded from the server? Or does it always load it from the server?

The server and connection is not an issue, as it is wired, cat6a with plenty of power and speed, now is on a Intel NUC i7 7th gen system with a fast m.2 ssd.

The Channels app on the Nvidia Shield is version beta 6.22.2204

Try this:

Update not showing when i check in the play store on the Shield. It is not sideloaded. Will try later or tomorrow, as she is watching tv right now.

Updated to Beta 6.29.132

At first open, i reloaded all the channel logos, and program images.
Closed app, (just went back to home screen, not force close app.)
Opened it again, and it still reloaded the images, but slightly faster than before.

Noticed, the Pluto, Samsung Tv channels i have added as custom channels, those logos load instantly.
It is the OTA and TVE things that take a noticeable amount of time.

So, the Shield Pro, that is just using its on-board ~10GB free internal storage, no external drive, same Channels app version, is not doing this behavior.

I checked the Shield Tube's sd card, a fast 64GB Samsung Pro model, that is formatted as internal storage and it has no errors or issues.