Guide Data and Playback Issues/Question

So this is my first time posting so I'll begin by saying thank you for the help!
So I am having some missing guide data on my Apple TV 4K using the Channels App. It is connected via ethernet to the router. Also connected directly to the router is an HDHomerun Connect. I live in Athens, GA in an apartment complex which includes our TV with our rent so I do not have a choice of providers. The provider is Boingo who in turn appears to be using Dish in some way, as one of the channels plays a Dish video about a carriage dispute. The guide data on both the HDHomerun Windows App and Channels is missing for a variety of stations, including all the local stations (ABC, CBS, etc.), as well as some cable channels such as TBS, TNT, SEC Network, NBC Sports Network, and others. In addition the quality of multiple stations is not great, appearing highly compressed (the HDHomerun is showing that the feed is 15mbps) and frequently having frame rate drops, stuttering, poor interpolation (particular noticeable on text moving on the screen such as the CNN ticket), among others. Are these problems all related? Are they all an issue with EPG data from my provider? Is the playback issues something to do with the Apple TV struggling to decode the content or an issue with the content's compression from the provider? I have tried different drivers and they have had little effect?
Thanks for the help!

What hdhomerun model are you using?

What range are the channel numbers?

Does the official HDHR app show guide data?

HDHomerun Connect bought in 2016, the 2 tuner model
The HDHR does not show the missing guide data. I spoke with a tech for the subcontractor who handles my property's television services, it appears the guide data is likely an issue on their end. I did not get an answer about the picture quality issues.

Guide data is controlled by SiliconDust and will only work if it works in their app. You can email their [email protected] with your HDHR device ID for help there.

The picture quality issues must be at the source, because the HDHR does not perform any transformations to the incoming feed.