Guide Data for WZME (Channel 43 in NYC)

I'm receiving WZME Channel 43 in NYC on my HDHomeRun via antenna clear as day, but the guide data is either completely incorrect or generic (for example, Channel 43.8 is labeled as RetroTV but the guide data shows RETRO @ 11AM, RETRO @ 12PM, RETRO @1PM, etc.).

Can the Channels devs contact whomever to get the guide data for Channel 43 and the associated subchannels updated?

Channel 43.1 - StoryTV
Channel 43.2 - MeTV+
Channel 43.8 - Retro TV
Channel 43.9 - Heartland
Channel 43.12 - OnTV4U (don't care about this one ... it's exclusively infomercials)

You can fix the data under the Manage Lineup menu

Thanks! I simply chose another station that carried the same network and assigned it to that channel, reloaded the guide data, and everything looks correct now! I assume I did it correctly?

I have YoutubeTV, and have the same problem with Channel 6785 (the streaming version of RetroTV) ... the guide data is generic (listings appear as RETROTV @ 9AM, RETROTV @ 10AM, etc.). However, I can't manually update the guide data using the Manage Lineup menu like I did with the over-the-air station on my HDHomeRun. Is there any way to update the guide data?

There's no guide data available for that channel