Guide Data from multiple zipcodes


I installed a roof mount antenna, and now receive 50+ stations in not only my zip code area (33417), but also Ft. Lauderdale and some Miami stations. I only get guide data from my OTA 33417 area, which causes my channels ATV guide to show all received channels, but only data for my zip code. The other channels are listed with no guide data and are skipped over when scrolling the guide.
Is there a way to combine guide info form different service areas? I hope I am making sense with this.


Yes, it’s kind of complicated at the moment but possible. See Living in multiple OTA viewing areas for guide info? and let me know if you have problems figuring it out.


As of v2018.08.27.1927, the lineup editor in the DVR (pencil icon under HDHR) now lets you add stations from multiple zip codes by clicking the plus icon at the top of the editor dialog.


Very cool :slight_smile: