Guide Data issue?

It has been a while since I've looked at the guide, but I tried checking for scheduled shows and it said nothing from my passes is scheduled to record. I'm trying to look in the guide for something that should be scheduled to record as soon as tomorrow. I can see that I have some guide data because it's showing me what's on right now 4:06pm Central, but when I try to go forward, it only has data until 10:30pm and then goes blank. If I try changing the toggle to tomorrow or anything beyond today, the entire guide is blank. Did something change with the amount of future guide data or is this a problem I need to figure out how to fix?

There was an issue with Gracenote (the guide provider) a couple of weeks ago and it appears there are some lingering effects. I noticed this today, too, but as soon as I ran Delete and Recreate Database, everything appeared to clear and fix and I got all the expected programs and schedules right.


I'm still keeping an eye out for TBA football games on 9/17 to make sure they update automatically as they have in the past, but it will take probably another week (at least 4-5 days) to know for sure.

How long did it take to rebuild? I just selected that option and now I have no guide data at all.

5-10 minutes. It has to redownload, build, and propagate.

It’s fixed. Has to uninstall/reinstall the server application and then restore from the database backups. I chose one from 10 days ago and it’s working fine since.

It looks like in today's guide update there were updates and TBAs became real selections, so it looks like any issues were fully resolved.

Hmmmm... what a weird thing to need a backup that old. Some type of corruption, I wonder? Glad it is resolved for you, though!

I find the best way to keep the guide accurate is after changing anything that affects the channels (add/remove channel, hide/unhide channel, fave/unfave channel, remap channel guide, add/remove source, version update that adds/removes TVE channels, etc.) is to nuke the guide data and start fresh using Delete and Recreate Database
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 17-22-12 Channels Settings