Guide data missing, how to watch channel?

Guide data for Denmark is crap.

The main problem is that channels without guide data is imposible to watch, they dont appear on apple tv, or on the webinterface.

What to do?

Many channels missing, eq 4, 10 and 13.

How can i watch a channel with missing guide data?

Would it be posible to map channels to a "no guide data channel", so that the channel still can be watched?

I am missing at least 16 channels out of 97.

Do you see guide data for these stations in the official HDHR app?

If so, click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR and it will load in the missing stations.

No i dont see data in the hdhr for these channels.

But at least in the hdhr app i can watch the channels

You can email [email protected] with your HDHR device ID to see if they can fix the missing guide for those channels.

They cant, as there guide provider dosent have guide data for those channels.

But missing guide data or not, i think its a fault in channels that channels without guide data cant be watched.

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I agree. Or, in the case of some TVE channels, the guide data was odd or incorrect, which made it so clients could not tune the channel.

This issue may just be a problem in the web client. I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to view channels with no guide data using the iOS and tvOS apps.

You can but it's not what I would call convenient. First thing I believe I had to do was favorite the channels in question so they show up in the "On Now" section at the tip top of the screen. From there you can find the channel and click it and it should play without issue.

Ideally we should just be able to click on the empty space in the guide and still tune in to the channel or at the very least, maybe make it so we can click over to the channel name itself and just click that to tune into the channel.

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This bug has been fixed in v2019.08.15.0159

Let me know if it works for you now.


I am using an HDHR Prime (CableCARD) and noticed that when I add a channel to Favorites it disappears from Guide (All Channels, On Now, HD, SD, etc). The only way for me to view a Favorited channel is in the Favorites section. If I remove the channel from Favorites it will reappear in the Guide and related Sections. I am experiencing this on all of my clients (iPhoneOS, iPadOS, Android TV).

Are you using Channel Collections by chance?