Guide Data not fully Populating on Shield ATV 2019 & FireTV Cube 2 gen

I have the Channels DVR and have 3 clients, AppleTv 4k, Shield ATV -2019 and FireTV Cube Gen 2.

AppleTV shows all of my channels when select in the guide but the Shield and FireTV do not.

I have selected ALL channels on both but above 1000 are missing a bunch of channels.

On the DVR Page I see all of my channels listed in the Guide as expected.

I've cleared cache but the same result.

Is this a bug on the Android & FireTV OS?

Is there something I'm missing?


This could be a bug. Does your cable provider have HD channels repeated under two different sets of channel numbers?

Yes, Comcast has 1 set below 1000 and a better sorted set above 1000.
Keep in mind AppleTV 4k see it correctly it's just Shield on android and fireTV 4k that don't see the full channel lineup.

Okay the Android app gets confused when the channels are repeated. As a workaround you could hide the lower channel numbers via

OK, I'l give it a try and hopefully this can be addressed in a future release.