Guide date required in heading

Can we have the date in the guide headings, so when I have scrolled right I know the date the guide display is referring to, like most other EPGs I have ever seen!

Bump on this. The issue is not about discovery, of which I use Search. But in the cases where I am using the guide, and have scrolled, it is easy to lose sense of which day you are looking at. Having the date would be enormously helpful. And likely easy to add.

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Also, current time, please :wink:

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I see the wink, but why would you need Channels to show the current time? iOS already shows current time in the top left of the status bar.

I didn't realize this was flagged for iOS. I beleve that current date/time should be available from every screen in a TV/DVR app. On iOS this is handled by the system. On FireTV/Android TV/tvOS(?), this is not that case; there is a different feature request to have current date/time display on those platforms.

The display of the date corresponding to the currently displayed guide info should be present for all platforms, not just iOS.

I thought that might be the case. Agreed that date should be present in guide on all platforms.