Guide for Dummies

Hi, I'm trying to record from my streaming services, but the support articles assumes a level of knowledge I do not have. Is there a "here's how to do this, from scratch you dummy" guide out there?

Channels DVR only provides and supports streaming TVE channels. What support articles about TVE are unclear (provide a link)?

Everything else is 3rd party.
Most of those work through Channels DVR Custom Channels m3u's (which is documented).

I thought OP was referring to this?

True that Channels DVR provides integration to download from PlayOn Cloud, but it's PlayOn Cloud that does the recording.

Guess the OP needs to be a bit more specific about which streaming services they're trying to record from.

@Jancarius, I agree with the others; it is very unclear what you are asking for. But please start here:

You may also be asking about this:

Hey all. Sorry, didn't meant to be unclear. I basically wanted to understand how to use getchannels similar to how PlayOn home used to work - Queue up a bunch of videos on Netflix/youtube/hulu/hbo/etc and then record them to the local HD

Unfortunately, that isn't actually how Channels works. Channels may be able to hook into your PlayOn account, but it doesn't actually record anything.

Reading through your thread, you are seeking software that will legally record from your streaming subscriptions. PlayOn purports to do this, but personally I find their standing lacking. In any case, Channels does not seem to be the software you are looking for.