Guide for new Channel users

I am a very happy channels user with a simple request...

For each app (iOS,ATV, firetv,etc), please pin a guide to top of each channel user group that lists handy shortcuts for new users.

For example, in iOS app, double clicking forward or backwards skip will skip to the next commercial break for shows which have been post processed and had commercials breaks inserted.

Or that touching screen in iOS app not only brings up timeline and skip buttons at top of screen, but quick view bar at bottom of screen. And that you can swipe up and down on quick view bar to see what's playing on your favorites.

That in the iOS app under settings, if you swipe left on the hdhomerun tuners it reveals other options like disabling the tuner.

And info about remotes for apps like ATV and Firetv, use of third party remote like Harmony, what buttons on remotes do in channels app (e.g. Firetv remote ring: left side is back skip, right side is forward skip; double clicking skips forward or backwards to next commercial break.)

While checking out the channels community, I sometimes stumble across tips that longtime users assume everybody already knows. As far as I know there's no channels user guide, so collecting basic user info and pinning it would help new users AND save devs and other users from having to answer the same newbie questions over and over and over. Win win.

Even topics like the best NAS HW have been answered numerous times and should be pinned.

Basic info like this should be enumerated and pinned to top of appropriate group for new channels users.

Everybody benefits.