Guide improvement suggestions

I appreciate some of these might have been asked for elsewhere, but I feel there are many potential improvements to the guide.

  • clock showing current time
  • Dates on guide timeline
  • Button to ‘jump’ backwards and forwards 24h or 7 days (eg, just finished watching something you want to record that’s on the same time same day in a week, use the jump 7 days button)
  • Calendar view for jumping to specific days
  • Button to jump to ‘now’. Currently if you’ve scrolled a long time to the right, it’s a lot of scrolling left to get back to current time
  • Ability to look back at the past few hours or day so you can set a recording based on something that you’ve just missed, or create a pass for something you’ve just finished watching
  • Zoom in and out to see a shorter or longer period of time. Some shows (eg long sporting event) the show takes up the full width of the guide. Others, eg, kids TV shows are so short you can’t see the title at all. See screenshot below.
  • vertical drop lines at 15min intervals to more accurately understand whether a show ends on the hour or just before for example