Guide info wrong on virtual channels

I have an issue where depending on the channel whenever I click on a movie let’s say transformers 2007 for example, another random movie will actually be playing once I tune in to the channel. I usually try and go in and refresh the guide but that doesn’t work either. I had this happen a while back but with a certain update it was fixed but now as of the last month, it’s been doing it again.

I would say the majority of the channels are not playing the correct content. And the guide start and stop time is off as well. Any suggestions?

Which playback device and channels app version?

It happens on my Apple TV and my IPhone. Most updated version

Does the guide on the app match the guide on the web UI?

Ahh. The UI guide seems to be accurate on those channels but the clients are not

Sounds like you may have overlapping channel numbers across sources or channels

I have double and triple checked but every channel number is different. Not sure the problem

It’s basically happening on all my clients. It’s super frustrating. I basically can’t use the feature anymore because the guide is not accurate. Any help would be much appreciated

Please submit diagnostics from your app

Okay I have have submitted diagnostics from my Apple TV and my IOS device

I've had the wrong movie randomly play on virtual channels, and it always plays the correct movie the second time selected using the Android client. My wife said she sees it happen every time there is the same movie playing on two different virtual channels, but I haven't been able to confirm this yet.

It seems to be getting worse. Virtually all of my virtual channels are misbehaving on the guide. It’s always worked In the past but something has changed

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Is there any difference if you change the name of the virtual channel so it doesn't clash with the TVE channel?

I have some custom channels like DC and Marvel or TV Pilots and it’s doing it on all of those too

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Try changing the duplicates setting under Manage Sources

Where is that located?

Settings > Manage Sources > Stack Duplicates

Unfortunately no that didn’t work either. I switched to by channel number instead of “guide data”

I’m going to try and remove my TVE sources and see what happens

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That didn't help unfortunately